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Hot Bocolate – Finally, a Truly Healthy Hot Chocolate

Hot Bocolate

Delicious, buttery Hot Bocolate

Dave Asprey, bio-hacker and entrepreneur of Bulletproof Executive fame, spent years developing his perfect coffee. His breakthrough finally came at high altitude near Mt. Kailash in Tibet, when he realised the cognitive power of Yak butter tea, a local speciality. Bulletproof Coffee was later born; the love child of his preferred mind-boosting beverage, coffee, together with a tasty, high-quality natural fat: butter. Bulletproof Coffee consists of high quality, mould-free coffee, blended with butter and upgraded MCT oil. Over the past year, the drink has become a resounding international success, based on its ability to help burn fat and nurture the brain. People across the world are now adding grass fed, unsalted butter to their coffee, which got me thinking, what other drinks would benefit from butter? What if hot chocolate, an old favourite, could be made ‘Bulletproof’? I eyed up the sachet of raw cacao powder in my cupboard and thought I’d experiment… and the result? Hot Bocolate: a deliciously creamy, buttery, chocolaty, heart-warming drink that is actually good for you. Don’t wait, try this now. It’s insane.

Hot Bocolate: Buttered hot chocolate official recipe: 

  • 200ml boiled water
  • 1tbsp unsalted butter (essential to use a grass-fed, high-quality brand e.g. Kerrygold)
  • 1tsp raw cacao powder (e.g. Sevenhills Organics Cacao)
  • pinch Vanilla extract

Add the ingredients to a blender, blend for a few seconds, and serve! If you want a slight sweetness, you could also add a drop of liquid stevia.


Raw cacao is nutritionally preferable to chocolate in bar form, even high cacao chocolate. It is less processed and devoid of sugar, whilst retaining chocolate’s nutritional benefits: plenty of trace elements like copper and manganese, polyphenols galore, heart healthy fats like Oleic acid, and B vitamins.

Macros: a typical serving as above is 87% fat, 10% carbohydrate, and 3% protein by calories (127kcal total). Thus, Hot Bocolate fits well on a ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet, and less restrictive Paleo dieters can also indulge!


2 thoughts on “Hot Bocolate – Finally, a Truly Healthy Hot Chocolate

  1. Thanks Oscar, for the recipe. Bought Bulletproof Hot Choc proving expensive! However, this is becoming a regular evening habit ( craving??) but one I really look forward to as I follow the low carb end of the Drs Jaminet Perfect Health Diet. My question is, with the copper content of the cacao, is the critical zinc / copper balance being disrupted? Along with 4 ozs lamb liver a week is there not a need for supplementation of more zinc?

    • Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure on mineral status is to get tested. That said, it will be the liver that provides the lion’s share of both copper and zinc, so I wouldn’t worry about the cacao. I’d recommend tracking your sleep after consuming dark cacao late at night, as theobromine in chocolate is in the same family as caffeine, and may affect sleep quality in sensitive individuals. Note that theobromine content increases as chocolate gets darker.

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